“Road Map” by Andy Ruffett

Road Map by Andy Ruffett

I saw her standing there and she smelt of burnt roses
I saw her standing there, her bleeding cherry
The smoke arose from her cheeks
Her lips pierced
I kissed the love on her body
We sat there and licked the chocolate off her skin
She grinned
Her powdered nose
Her toes
Twinkling like stars
Her eyes
I searched her, an adventurer
Fingerprints mapped inside
She came
Back I was
in the forest
For play
we knew
what to do
And we did it
Man, did we do it
until we lost it
the chart
I lost the charts
The charts that would overtake
her body
I rode the horse
until I arrived at the turning
                     I looked at the map


About the author: Andy Ruffet is a well known singer. You can find his voice on his YouTube channel: AndRuff8. He would never call himself a true “poet” but more of a rapper, going by the name RUFFRUFF. He believes he is pretty good when it comes to pairing rhymes. He enjoys writing novels, and his first book The Wrongdoer is available on Amazon. When he isn’t writing you can find him reading, singing, or playing drums to let off steam. He hopes you enjoy his poem. 

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