“Stay With Me, My Summertime” by Victoria Young

Rays jaunt through your hair,
        Creating whisps of cinnnamon
And warm strings of amber.

         Bathing in the light of the sun, I look down…
Hands enveloped, hearts relying on the haze
     Of the moment to guide
         Us through.

We flutter eternal through time,
         Destiny being our trail of stardust;
Cosmic crumbs in the forest of the galaxy,

“Misery” dimpled across the lips of the jealous
 As they watch us from afar…

My eyes flutter open…
       There you are…
Just as beautiful as I had left you


About the Author: Originating from Detroit, MI, Victoria Young knew she was destined to be a weirdo and an outlier. Growing up, she was an avid fan of comic books, video games, obscure music, and making silly faces in the mirror. In fact, Victoria is still an avid fan of those things.  She now resides in Southern Pennsylvania with her husband Jake and their incredibly soft and wonderful cat, Pecan.

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