Editor’s Note: June is worth celebrating!

TROU is turning one and I’m so excited. I am over the moon that this little space in the universe is still here and that you have decided to join in. When I started this magazine my

_Happy 1st Birthday to TROU!
[Image Description: On a pink background a rainbow heart wears a party hat. In blue it says “happy 1st Birthday to TROU” There is also confetti. ]
mission was to provide a safe space to explore love, in it’s many forms, shapes, and sizes. It warms my heart that you have found this space and that you have shared a piece of your love story along the way.

I want to say that we are doing something big here, even though it is still small. Declaring to the world that we are worthy, in whatever way we choose to do so, is important, is daring, is changing the world. You dear reader, are changing the world. I hope these love stories have brought you comfort, made you think, and made a shift in a world that is cruel and unkind toward a more accepting and welcoming place.

June is also a time to celebrate pride, a movement that protests marginalization and celebrates people for who they are and who they love. You know TROU is behind that 100%.


So from TROU to you, Happy Birthday and Happy Pride.

You are so loved.


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