“Are You?” by Daniel Pannebaker

are you_ are you the piece missing from the puzzle of my life_ are you the chord missing from my symphony of longing_ are you the light at the end of my barren bleak tunnel_ are you the
                                   Are You?                                          Are you the piece missing/ fro the puzzle of my life?/ Are you the chord missing/ from my symphony of longing?/ Are you the light at the end/ of my barren bleak tunnel?/ Are you the star that makes/ my every wish come true?/ I am sure you are. Are you?





Artist Bio: Daniel W Pannebaker has always had a love for language and has a firm belief in the power of words. He has had works published in several literary journals and, in 2014, published a volume of his own poetry, Easter Egg and other poems of faith, hope, & love. Authors who have influenced his writing include Gerard Manley Hopkins, Lucy Shaw, and Madeleine L’Engle. Daniel lives in South Amboy, NJ with his husband and a fearless miniature pinscher.

2 thoughts on ““Are You?” by Daniel Pannebaker

  1. The imagery you invoke in this piece is beautifully haunting. It’s only a few lines but I can’t stop reading it over and over. Easily one of my favorites already, keep creating such iconic work!!


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