“Distance” by J George


You might wonder, why I keep writing you poems,

day after day.

one after the other.

A belief, word by word, a sentence would travel the miles,

unraveling a message of love,

at your lips;

Channeling the extremities of our country’s north and south.


A belief, the words would take me closer to you,

widening the pages,

shortening the distance,

till I taste your scent, like my breath.

An untamed desire to listen the reverie chirping in your eyes.

Feel the sense of your first touch on mu skin;

brushing my memory slate,

The chillness of Januaries in Pondy.


I write to you,

back to back

day after day, one after the other;

For in these pages are delved an exotic burrow to you,

which I see indefinitely.


Artist Bio:
JGeorge is a 26 year old writer from Pondicherry. Her poems have
appeared in several online and print journals, most recently in “The
Martian Chronicles”, “FishfoodMag”, “Muse India”, “Madras Courier”,
“Spark the Magazine”, “VerbalArt”, anthologies of “Boundless”(Rio
Grande Valley International Poetry Festival 2019) and “Love, As We
Know It” (Delhi Poetry Slam). Currently, she is pursuing her research
at Pondicherry University.

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